Patrick Paraggio
A Heart's Beat
If you ask Patrick Paraggio what his music is all about, he'll tell you that it's nothing more than a heartbeat. If you talk to him a little longer, you get a glimmer of how much hope can be packed into such a deceptively simple statement. Patrick was born in Yonkers, NY and started playing music at the age of 2 to accompany the parades and other sounds dancing through his family's home. From pot lids to his Beach Boys drum set to the family piano and the metal radiator, if it made a sound he found something to do with it. If drums were the ever-present back beat to his childhood, piano provided the melody, as well as the inspiration to ride his bicycle to school as he more than periodically missed the school bus while sitting at the keys.

There is an accessible honesty in his music that walks from safe and comfortable gardens through jungles of self doubt and distress, back and forth as if to remind us all that ups and downs don't exist without each other. Through it all there is an overwhelming faith in potential itself, as he pushes boundaries, both his own and his listeners', and challenges us to confront conflict and possibility alike. His lyrics may be searing and direct and at other times abstract and dreamlike. From whichever starting point you approach his songs before long you will arrive at a place where it is hard to know the difference between observation and belief.

Patrick wants his music to reflect emotional and visual images that the listener can personalize, and he delivers. He has carried musical relationships through academics and blue and white collar jobs alike. The resulting diversity in his musical styles - and selection of instruments he plays - parallels the variety of ways that he relates to people and the world off-stage. When talking about life's trials he reminds "Sometimes a little stain left on the tablecloth is a reminder of a good meal..." When you pour his music out on the tablecloth, you can't miss his heartbeat. And it just might remind you of your own.

A multi-instrumentalist, Patrick primarily focuses on solo acoustic guitar and jazz drums and has been honing his material around New England. He has had several songs recognized on Broadjam Top 10 Lists for 6 consecutive years from 2015 through 2020, including Obstacles(Thunder Roll On), the latin/bossa nova "Mi Amor Por Ti," which has spent weeks as the #1 song on the New Hampshire Top 10, "Senses Again" which reached #5 on the Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll Top 10, and "(Johnny's) Shades of Green" which reached #4 on the Folk - Traditional Top 10.