Patrick Paraggio
Mix With Me
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Mix With Me

Don?t crush my crush with your chest of lead
I see those weighty words hanging form your lips right over my head
I?m sure you?ve had your share of social disease
But if anybody here has seen too much baby that?s me

You can call me a fool but I?ve said all along
I don?t want to win your heart by proving your wrong
I don?t want to crack open the cover of our book and find you wrote it without me

But if you want to see what new story your words can make
Consider mixing with me

I?m just a napkin poet. Don?t expect too much from me.
And my name it?s too long to fit the margins of your page
I know where I?ve been and why I had to leave
And if you really want to know my map then just ask me

I want to scribble my name all over your skin
Where your hope meets mine that?s a place to begin
Don?t want to put our canvas on the stand and find you colored without me

But if you want to see what new picture your paint can make
Consider mixing with me

I don?t make a topical paste
That you can spread on your skin where it hurts
But if you want to drink me in then I may be
The one that makes your burn
And if you feel that you?re out of time
To make your movie real
Then you probably don?t need mine
To complicate your screen

But if want to see what new fairy tale your dreams can make
Consider mixing with me.

© 2007 Patrick A Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Song Length: 4:31
Primary Genre: Folk-Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Alternative