Patrick Paraggio
Rescue Me
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Voices scream inside my head
keep me awake for days on end
But they can't drown out the things you said
before the bus ran over me
I used to think that we were a team
you helped to build all that we see
now I hear from your Genie
it just makes you tired and sad

we used to sleep with your mouth on mine
your breath like ether for my troubled mind
kisses fell on me through the night
like a warm summer rain
the wall you once used to push into me
scatters your breath now like chaff from seeds
lost between the bed frame and the
gnashing of your teeth

I can see the fear in your eyes
it crashes down on my back still raw
from being drawn through the grating blades
every time I lift my head to see where I am

oh, rescue me
why won't you rescue me
rescue me
why do I have to beg before I see

it breaks my heart to hear the things you dream
dragged by a horse bound on your knees
wondering when the cliff will appear
when my dirty back is lost
one difference between animal and steed
steed has a mount my saddle's empty
what you doing back there on the ground
climb up here and guide me

I can hold you forever I swear
only if you jump into my arms
we'll be safe behind your tempered shield
together we can hold it so strong

oh, rescue me
why won't you rescue me
if the wave took you not me
do you think you'd have to call out
rescue me?

you're saving your weapons for the time
when you might have to save your own hide
what do you think that screams
in my ear about your love for me?
I used to think you were meant for me
but the doubt in your eyes is easy to see
I can't erase my lines and
time is still chasing me

oh, rescue me
why won't you rescue me
rescue me
or turn your ship around and leave
just leave me to the sea
I can't watch you circling next to me
rescue me or leave

Copyright 2010 Patrick A Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Song Length: 5:46
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: -
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal