Patrick Paraggio
Love Is, Love
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Love Is, Love

Love is a breath of wind
that holds you high up in the sky
long enough to believe
you have wings and you can fly.
It doesn't keep you tethered
fearing that you'll slip away.
It only knows to lift you up;
it means more when you stay.

Love is a magic mirror
waiting, silent, on the wall
reflecting all your gifts
when you need to see them most.
It minimizes scars.
You'll remember who you are,
and you'll know that your new wounds will heal;
you'll grow through joy and sorrow.

Love is not boastful,
not the clanging of a gong.
Love doesn't remind you
of mistakes from the past.
It's a lover's whisper lingering
like a gentle meadow rain
that waters your tranquility
when you are under stress.

Love is a bolt of lightning
activating the horizon
revealing hidden vistas
resting right before your eyes,
an unnamed song
you've been humming all day long
that in time you come to realize
is a beacon to get you home.

Love is, Love.

© 2016 Patrick A. Paraggio
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Lyric Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
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Song Length: 3:43
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Subject Matter 1: General
Similar Artist 1: Ed Sheeran