Patrick Paraggio
Straight Ahead - LoFi Demo
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Straight Ahead

Your word choice hints
you've figured out
that I can't make you happy
but you love me
so you don't know what to say
my profile doesn't seem to leave
a lot of room for dreaming
there are roadblocks on my map
when you turn your head each way

but Straight Ahead
there's a house up on the corner
where the color doesn't matter
and the doors will let us in
and Straight Ahead
there's a pickup in the driveway
it can carry all that we need
to build a brighter day
Straight Ahead

I'm sure you've seen a lot of things
to make your heart turn doubtful
that doesn't mean that love will fail again
although I'll ask a lot of you
I don't want you to fold
I'll give you everything I have
and you don't have to change

but Straight Ahead
there's a yard beyond that boulder
big enough for son's and daughter's
to run and play all
and Straight Ahead
there's a hammer and a ladder
we can build up to our future
we can do it if you just step Straight Ahead

We'll never know how it can be
without one step then we can see
the moment that a dream sits in our hand
the future's waited patiently
don't let it go now baby just say yes
Take one step

Straight Ahead

Straight Ahead
there's a lamp to light the corners
doors and windows let the air in
and the birds will start our day ?Straight Ahead
my love waits on the counter
there's a ring tied to the flowers
we can do it if you just step
Straight Ahead

Copyright 2011 Patrick A. Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Song Length: 3:14
Primary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Secondary Genre: -
Tempo / Feel: Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal