Patrick Paraggio
Do You
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Do You

Think of me when I'm not there
Reach for me when you've got something to share
Wish that I would let you go
Let you walk off on your own
PIck your petals and fix your meals alone

Do you?

See me in your mind sometimes
Feel me when you're alone late at night
Rejoice when you are all alone
Call me when you want the phone
Reach for me when you want me near

Do you?

I know that you need what you need
I wish you'd say that it is me
All I hear is space and time and you
Do you?

Know that you're all I want
See that you're all I see
Flash your blinding lights my way
Keep me standing in harm's way
Pack the best and then tell me to stay

Do you?
Do you?
Do you know I'm learning you?
Do you?

Copyright 2010 Patrick A. Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Song Length: 3:47
Primary Genre: Folk-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal