Patrick Paraggio
Happy New Years, Eve
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Oh, my God
I can't believe
that this
is happening to me
again I'm lost
out with the old
ring in the new year
without me

your sun will be shining
shocking to see
you're moving without me
after we planned it
all out together

Christmas cheer
still hangs on the tree trimmed
with 4 peels of laughter
and the
dinner plates
sit on the counter
near family portrait
shot yesterday

and now you are leaving
time apart
until things are settled
so you get to come back
when I'm in remission

gift wrappings
put in a new box
I'll clean up our old life
from moments ago
you were here
the colorful lights now
a flashing reminder
that I'm alone

steps from the altar
now you are gone
you have to be kidding
how will i find even
hello when they come home

bells ring out
just like I planned it
the ring on the table
but no
receipt in my hand
and not a sizing
when I return

they won't want to see me
I told them I knew
this time would be different
so I'll have a watch
instead of a credit
from the broken heart
that can't be returned
Happy New Years, Eve

Copyright 2010 Patrick A. Paraggio
Short Song Description:
Happy New Years, Eve
Lyric Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Song Length: 2:14
Primary Genre: Pop-Alternative
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Ambient
Language: English