Patrick Paraggio
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You can ask me any questions
I won?t tell you a lie
Yes I once knew that you loved me
It was there right in your eyes

But all that?s gone away
All lost along the way

And you?re angry because you think I
Did what you told me to
God knows it, I?m not perfect
But that I?d never do

Despite low times I prayed
I?d be weak enough to stray

But it was you that I loved
It was you I was thinking of
I was there for you when you pushed me away
And I tried to hold your hand
While you gave away what I could not have
I broke us trying too hard to understand
And that?s just sad

I thought you didn?t care to
Now I see you can?t
And I?m choking, no I don?t blame you
But I can?t erase the past

All the days and nights I cried
I just could not let us die


The past is there to make us strong
You have to let it go and then move on
Because barriers don?t make us tall
And you cannot run if you don?t first crawl
Don?t throw all your chips on one bad hand
Because He put is here with what we have

I broke us trying too hard to understand

©2005 Patrick A. Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Song Length: 3:47
Primary Genre: Country-Rock
Secondary Genre: -