Patrick Paraggio
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Walk soft down dimly lighted streets
All?s quiet, I am alone
Only sound that I can hear is
The roar of my distant groan
The only one who knows I?m here ?
The man without a home ?
Has salvation in his hand
A dollar ? how can I go wrong

Tell me do you have the answer
To the question I can?t ask
There will be no disappointment, my friend
Maybe peace at last

Seems even street lights sleep out here
No cars or open doors
Take the stillness in, analog
It?s been some time since my eyes closed
The train it turned in hours ago
My, where has the time gone
I can?t seem to slow its flight by me
At least one of us can move on

My mind drifts off to coffee
On a wooden bench I know
In a square I can?t find from here
I left it long ago

And would anyone come find me
If I should disappear
Well, two that I can think of
But they can?t get here

The sky?s brightening before me
Will light reach me, I don?t know
As the sun rises over 95
I wish I knew my road

© 2005 Patrick A. Paraggio
Lyric Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A. Paraggio
Song Length: 5:00
Primary Genre: Folk-General
Secondary Genre: -