Patrick Paraggio
Mi Amor Por Ti
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You opened your sugar
to sweeten the cafe
you poured to warm my heart
I woke up

your honey flowed freely
your lips touched mine sweetly
my heart burst open
it felt like love

daily warning
I could fall any moment
but the calendar says
it's much, much too soon
but if it's meant to be
you say it could be meant to be

love poured from my fingers
I sent letters and poems
and danced cooking dinners
into your heart

I sent kisses at midday
I brought roses each morning
to my dearest
you called me your love

you asked I surrender
my touch and my kisses
exclusively yours
you could not share what we had
you called me prince charming
your love and now you're gone

the hugs and affections
you share caught my attention
why would you tell me
that's for everybody
If you had told me true
I could have guarded my heart

you said our love could be meant to be

puede que otros labios sabe de tus besos?
sus dulces no sean mi secreto?
sus ojos brillan libremente para otros
no sólo los mios...
me dejaste a preguntarse
que otros hechizos enciende su baile
mi alma atormentada abogó
por una palabra de su corazón
hasta que mi amor por ti murió
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Lyric Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Music Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Producer Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Publisher Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Performance Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Label Credits: Patrick A Paraggio
Song Length: 3:42
Primary Genre: Latin-General
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